Cookies Settings for Firefox on Mac

If you Log In to Civil but keep getting met with an empty log-in screen, your problem may have to do with your cookies settings: our platform needs to set a cookie to keep you logged in. Try this:  

To change your settings, click on the menu button in the top right corner of your Firefox browser (three horizontal lines), and click "Preferences."

From there, click on "Privacy" and make sure that "Accept Cookies from Sites" and "Accept third-party cookies from visited" are selected.

Then try logging in again on any article that has comments. Depending on your other settings, you may get a little popup window that asks you if you want to leave the page; click "Leave Page." You won't actually leave the page, though!

If that doesn't work, check out  this page for other possible solutions--we hope we can help you get it sorted soon!

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