How Civil Works: Overview

Civil Comments is a crowd-sourced comment moderation platform, the only one of its kind!  With Civil, the commenters themselves are the driving force behind the creation of a healthy, civil, discussion community.  With a couple of algorithms, a little bit of structure, and a lot of humanity, we're enacting positive change in commenting communities all over!

Once you've  signed up, you can start commenting right away!  

When you submit a comment, you'll be asked to rate the quality and civility of three other comments that have been submitted to the site.  Click here for some things you'll want to keep in mind when voting on comments!  

Our system relies on your participation in the community, both by commenting thoughtfully, and by voting in good faith on other user's comments.  Our algorithms, collectively named "Abby the CivilBot," examines these votes to make sure they aren't biased or allowing in spam or abuse.  If Abby has sent you a warning, it may be because you gave approval votes to a comment that was later rejected by a moderator or by the community, or vice versa.  To learn more about Abby and why she might be in touch with you, you can check out  this page.  

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