Cookies...say what?

Despite their funny name, Cookies are a very handy piece of technology. "Cookies" are actually little bits of data stored in your web browser for given amounts of time.  Authentication Cookies, specifically, are little data chunks that help your browser remember if you're logged in or not!  If your browser isn't accepting authentication cookies from Civil, there's no way for it to keep you logged in, which will result in your being sent through an endless empty login loop.  You can change your setting so that your browser accepts these cookies from Civil and can therefore keep you logged in:

Most browsers will have a "settings" or "preferences" section that you can reach from the browser toolbar.
From there, go to the section that deals with privacy.  
Most browsers will give you the option to check a box that says something along the lines of: "accept cookies from third-party sites" or "accept cookies from sites you visit."  Make sure that box is checked, and try logging in again!
Here is a step-by-step for how to accept third-party cookies on Firefox.
And here's one for Google Chrome!
If that still doesn't work, or you'd like some clarification, feel free to use the contact form below to email us!

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