Muting other users


While we've designed our commenting system to provide a way for people to disagree with each other while maintaining a baseline of civility, sometimes people will just antagonize each other, to the detriment of the community. To alleviate this problem, we've created the "Mute" function, which allows you to hide all comments from a specific user. 

To Mute a user: 

  1. Hover over (or tap, on mobile devices) the user's name 
  2. Click (or tap) the "Mute" button

To Unmute a user: 

  1. Just below the comment submission box, click (or tap) "Show Muted" (circled in green below)
  2. Find a comment from the user you'd like to un-mute
  3. Hover over (or tap) the user's name
  4. Click (or tap) the "Unmute" button

Please Note

  • When you are logged out, you will be able to see all comments from all users, muted or unmuted. 
  • You may click to show comments from muted users on a given comment thread by clicking or tapping "Show Muted", just below the comment submission box (circled in green, above).
  • For a brief moment as the comments load beneath an article, you may see comments from muted users, even when you are logged in. This does not mean those users have been unmuted, and their comments will disappear within a second or two. 
  • Other users will not be notified when you mute them--it will just look like you're not responding to their comments.
  • When you mute a user, not only will you not see comments from them, you will also not see direct replies to their comments from others. This is to avoid confusion from the lack of context that would result from showing replies to hidden comments.

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